Ipswich Property News

Welcome to the Ipswich Property blog. We decided to set this up as an aid to existing and new buy to let landlords. As property managers for the last 26 years we are being approached more and more for advice on the best areas to buy along with where to obtain the best yields.

Many landlords are coming into the market place and although they are already home owners and know about property, when you are buying a rental property it’s a commercial investment. You use your head not your heart. You need to know which are the best places to achieve optimum yields and also capital appreciation.

So many landlords are looking at properties that they would like to live in, but our aim is to show what’s available across the whole of the market and what you can expect as a return on your investment. We will be updating this site weekly on any hot properties that might be suitable for a good buy to let. Along with current market information for Ipswich.

As we don't sell houses, we will be looking at the whole of the sales market not limited to a small section.