How do I arrange a viewing of the property

Contact us on 01473 225268 or email us on info@rents.co.uk or enquire online through our website www.rents.co.uk

What administration fees will I need to pay?

From 1st June 2019 the Tenant Fee Ban was put in place by the government therefore there will be no Administration Fees to pay.

If you wish to apply for a property there will be a Holding Deposit to pay which would be equal to One Weeks Rent.

Once your application has been confirmed successful you would then pay the Security Deposit which is now a maximum of 5 weeks rent and a one months rent in advance. (The cost of the Holding Deposit is deducted from this total amount due).

What references will I need to provide?

None, we obtain these on your behalf. Current Employment and Landlord if applicable, along with a Credit Check.

Will I need a guarantor

On occasions, we may ask for a guarantor as your earnings may not be considered enough to pay the rent, or you may not achieve the appropriate rating set by our Credit Reference Agency. We will explain all of the details to you, but rest assured this is not an uncommon request.

What is the tenancy deposit scheme?

We will register your deposit into an independent Government Approved scheme designed to protect your deposit until you vacate.

What us your minimum tenancy period?

6 Months

Who is responsible for the utilities at the property?

You the tenant are responsible for pay for any Gas Electric and Water at the property along with the Council Tax.

When do I pay my rent?

Your rent is due on the day of the month that your tenancy started, i.e if your tenancy started on the 8th of the month your rent is due on the 8th of every month. This should be by standing order or bank transfer.

How much notice do I need to vacate?

You will be required to give 1 months notice from your Rent Payment Date, for example if your rent payment date is 10th every month, you will need to email or write to us on or before this date in order to vacate on the 9th of the following month.

How often do you visit and inspect the property?

Please click here to see details on our property visits ---- link to property visit page

Who is responsible for repairs in the property?

Your landlord is responsible for ensuring the safe and effective operation of the systems in your home e.g. heat, water, electric and drainage, and for the building itself.

You are responsible for looking after your home and doing the little jobs around the property that any reasonable tenant might do. This includes things like changing any light bulbs, making sure the filter on the washing machine is clear etc.

If you report something and it is your landlord’s responsibility, we will seek their authority to get the work done. This can take a few days.

What happens if i don't pay my rent?

You are obliged by law to pay the rent. If you do not then you may be at risk of being evicted. If you are having financial difficulties then please contact us immediately so we can discuss your options.

Can I smoke in the property?

No all of our properties are non smoking and this is stipulated in our tenancy agreements.

Can I get satellite TV or Cable?

You will need to obtain permission for this by emailing into us with your request which will be sent to the landlord for authorisation. There may be some stipulations about where a dish is allowed to be put on the building.

Can I make changes to the property?

With anything that you wish to do to the property you will need to seek permission from the landlord by emailing us with the details i.e putting pictures on walls etc. These type of requests are usually authorised with the stipulation that these are all removed along with any sign that they were there.

Can I change utility Providers?

You do not need any permission to do this, this is something you are free to do without our authorisation.

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